About Us

Ahmet Bulut Automotive was established by R. Bulut in 1982 with the capital of 27,000$. After completing 14 years in spare part sales, the company was reorganized under the title of OTO AHMET Ltd. in 1996 and has broadened its activities in a successful way. 

* Oto Ahmet Ltd first started with 2 sales branchs in 1996 then increased up to 6 sales branches in 2002 including some garages where spare part stocks were stored and the repair of passenger cars was carried out.

* In 1998 plastic enjection plant started production of wheel covers, side mouldings, ash trays and smilar items in both plastic and metal material. 2002 is the beginning year of Tensioners whose manufacture and sales have remarkably increased within the last 17 years.

* In 2005, Dünya Automotive Ltd was established as a brother company by which various auto spare parts are currently imported from Italy, Germany, Spain, China and Japan. Dunya Automotive is also the exlusive distributor of ABA branded products in Turkey.