ABA Automotive is both OEM, OES and Aftermarket supplier and exports to 79 countries in 5 continents. As one of the fastest growing auto parts manufacturer in the world,  ABA Automotive is an experienced manufacturer company with its high-tech engineering and forward-thinking management.

We have started as an auto parts retailer shop in Istanbul, Turkey 40 years ago. Today, ABA Automotive has 250 employees and the leader belt tensioner manufacturer in Turkey, Eastern Europe and Middle Eastern area.

We value our clients and give them a full service of manufacturing. We do custom designs or original designs to satisfy our clients. We always try to get the highest positive feedback as our trading idology is always win-win.



Humble Beginnings

The first step was establishing an auto parts retailer shop in Istanbul by Rafet BULUT. The shop is established with a capital of 15.000$ as a small auto parts shop.

Starting Distribution

We started to distribute some auto parts in our retailer shop. Later, we knew the Turkish market better and decided to be a manufacturer.


We started manufacturing idlers with the name of ABA Automotive and by this move ABA Automotive has born.

New Factory

Our factory is opened in 2010 with 5132 square meter American architecture. In the same year, we invested on production as well and doubled our production capacity.

Worldwide Coverage

ABA Automotive has become a leader tensioner and pulley manufacturer in Europe and Middle Eastern area. We export 78 countries in 5 continents. Working with both OE and Aftermarket companies.

Opening Second Factory

We have opened our second factory in Tekirdag-Turkey for the manufacturing of all metal components. Second factory located 400 m away from the first factory with 7200 sqm closed area.


To acquire a better position in sector with close follow-up all technological innovations supported by modern business principles like total quality, team work and customer satisfaction.


Take our industries in an upper level with more sufficient technologies, engineering and quality.

mission vision values
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