What is a belt tensioner?

Belt Tensioner is the general name given to the pulleys that tension and rotate the belts. Although it is popularly known as a belt tensioner, it is actually a part that consists of components such as pulley, bearing, bushing, washers and is mostly used in automotives. Belt tensioners are divided into different types according to the belts they are in. For example; since the surface of the belt is serrated in timing belts, the belt tensioner is also toothed. But since the surface of the alternator belt is flat, the belt tensioner is also flat.

Where belt tensioners are used?

Belt tensioners are divided into two categories: Fixed and Automatic. A belt system has multiple tensioner rollers and usually consists of an automatic tensioner roller and two fixed tensioner rollers. Fixed tensioner bearings only serve to hold the belt in the specified shape. Automatic tensioner bearings support the tension of the belt. Automatic tensioner bearings have extra components such as wedges and springs. Automatic tensioner bearings are larger and more functional than fixed tensioner bearings. According to the torque values ​​of the automatic tensioner bearings, the tension and stretching shares of the belt are determined and have a direct effect on the performance of the engine. Likewise, automatic tensioner bearings are also separated among themselves for the timing belt and alternator.

Our Place in the belt tensioner industry as Aba Automotive

Tensioner bearings can be composed of different raw materials. Aba Automotive is not only in the automotive sector, but also in industry, defense industry, transportation, etc. It also produces tensioner bearings for industries such as Produced tensioner bearings are present in cars, trucks, escalators, air conditioners, washing machines, and all mechanical parts that contain a belt system.

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