What are Multi-V Belts?

V Belts are the main component of V Belt systems that consists of auxiliary idler pulleys and crankshafts. The role of the belt in this system is to make sure the components are connected to each other to perform the required task. Which is to power important components such as alternator, power steering pump, air-con pump and water pump. Some of the V-Belt systems require not one, but multiple belts to connect the components. Thus the name, Multi-V Belts. The V-Belts are built to resist temperatures between -30°C and +80°C. They are made of durable rubber and typical replacement may be needed after 100.000km depending on varies aspects.

Multi-V Belt Kits

The kits consist of important components that will support the V-Belt system such as auxiliary idler pulleys to help rotate the system. The kits are an economical solution if the replacement requires more than one component to change.

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