Quality Policy

For over 20 years, Aba Automotive has been operating in the automotive and spare parts industry. The unconditional “customer satisfaction” policy has always been the core principle at Aba Automotive.

In this context,

  • To achieve our export and import targets in order to increase our competitiveness in the globalizing world, domestic and foreign markets by reaching our customers with the most affordable cost and superior quality level,
  • Not to employ employees under the age of 18 for the health development of children and within the framework of respect for the right to education,
  • To carry out production and after-sales services by prioritizing the understanding of “respect for the environment” and “health and safety of employees” in accordance with international standards,
  • To protect the health of all interested parties in the face of epidemic diseases such as Covid-19,
  • To give the necessary importance to training activities in order to increase the development and productivity of the employees, to ensure the peace of the working environment and to ensure that the employees work in ergonomic conditions with high motivation, to ensure both unconditional customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction by making sure that there is no verbal, physical, psychological harassment or coercion,
  • As Aba Automotive, to comply with the quality and lead times of products and services, in line with customer requests, in accordance with laws and regulations,
  • To adopt and expand the understanding of continuous improvement and to ensure the development of our quality system, product and service quality,
  • To identify inappropriate and undefined products by including our employees in the development of our quality, to raise awareness of employees by providing the necessary training in this context, and to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by ensuring that nonconformities are detected,
  • To produce quality products that meet the demands and expectations of our customers, to increase customer satisfaction by providing technical support before and after sales,
  • To prevent poor quality and waste, and to stick to the principles of “zero defect”, correct production at the first time and on time delivery by covering all stages of the product design, marketing and management process,

Are our core principles.

We undertake that our principles stated above will be implemented, continuity will be ensured, our quality management system established and implemented in Aba Automotive will be kept under control and that we will comply with legal regulations.

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